Erectile Dysfunction

We talk about erectile dysfunction when there is a repeated inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough to have a satisfying sexual relationship.

There are many causes or reasons for the inability to maintain an erection, from simple psychological problems (stress, anxiety, depression…) to pathological issues.

It is the Surgeon who, together with his specialized team and after discussing an exhaustive study, will explain the patient all the alternatives for his specific case.

Both psychological and medical / surgical treatments can be proposed but in any case the results are always satisfactory. In all cases the problem can be addressed with positive improvements.

Plasmacellule (PRP) – Platelet Rich Plasma
Television service, with the participation of
Dr. Alessandro Oliverio
TVE (Spanish National Television)

The interview, live on TVE, had an audience of about 500,000 people

The non-surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction arrives in Spain.

Doctor Alessandro Oliverio – (Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon).

At present more than 300 million men in the world and 35 million in Europe suffer from erectile dysfunction. According to the results of the first epidemiological study on erectile dysfunction in Spain, more than two and a half million Spanish men suffer from this problem and only 16.5% of those affected consult a doctor. Erectile dysfunction can be a warning sign of heart disease and can occur at any age but is more common after the age of 40. 1.7% can affect young people between 20 and 39 years old, reaching 48% in men over 70 years.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the lack of partial or complete erection, resulting in a wide and varied spectrum of sexual problems: erectile deficit, ejaculatory deficit and deficit in the organic phase. Erection is a complete physiological response that depends on the perfect functioning of the vascular, endocrine and neurological mechanisms.

The causes of erectile dysfunction problems can be motivated by anxiety, concerns, stress to which men can be subject to, etc., and other diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hepatic and renal failure, depression, cholesterol and psychotic disorders (schizophrenia). Sometimes it is a symptom of a coronary or peripheral sclerotic pathology. A recent study confirms that 46% of patients with cardiopathy suffer from erectile dysfunction, of these, 75% have mild erection problems and 67% have problems with erectile maintenance.

There are innumerable pharmacological solutions that increase blood flow, quickly facilitating erection as a response to sexual stimulation. Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors are the most frequently used drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, stimulating and achieving erection, making it more durable. But before starting a therapy for erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to go to the specialist doctor for a specialized medical consultation or a psychological couple’s therapy consultation as this may often solve the problem.

At the La Luz Hospital in Madrid, the team of Dr. Alessandro Oliverio, a plastic surgeon who works in genital surgery jointly with the prestigious doctors Gabriele Antonini (Roma), Josep Banno (Chicago), and Paul Perito (Miami), performs the infiltration of enriched cellular plasma in the penis, with extraordinary results. It is the only hospital in Spain to perform this procedure.

“Growth factors stimulate the regeneration of new tissues in the corpora cavernosa and the creation of new blood vessels improves the circulation inside the penis; with this new treatment, a greater sense of pleasure is achieved, with improved sexual performance and a reduction in the penis curve in cases of deformity, “says Dr. Oliverio. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) has been used very successfully in traumatology for many years, also in sports medicine, aesthetic medicine and has become the most effective non-surgical treatment for cases of erectile dysfunction in the US.

“The infiltration of cellular plasma into the penis is indicated for all people who do not respond to normal therapy with phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, the famous ‘love pills’; many patients undergoing this new treatment have indicated an increase in the size and thickness of the penis as well as sexual desire”, says Alessandro Oliverio.

“The regeneration of a tissue is achieved with the same natural production of stem cells – explains Dr. Oliverio – and the treatment consists of the infiltration of concentrated and enriched platelets of bioactive proteins that release growth factors to stimulate cell regeneration and accelerate tissue repair. It is performed with a simple blood sample that is centrifuged to separate the plasma, platelets and other blood components. Once enriched, that plasma has large regenerative properties that will infiltrate the genital tissues.”

“The ‘Priapus Shot’, registered name of the procedure” continues Dr. Alessandro Oliverio, “can be performed as an ambulatory procedure out of the operating room, by applying an anaesthetic cream to the area prior to treatment, thus avoiding any discomfort and in just a few weeks you will see the results: stronger, more durable erections and with a greater sensation of pleasure “, concludes this specialist.

More than 60000 genital PRP procedures have been performed in the USA without side effects or complications. In Europe it is also starting to be carried out recently and in Spain, Dr. Alessandro Oliverio at the La Luz Hospital in Madrid is the pioneer in this technique.

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